Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Couple steals 1,000 bags from airport

This is a weird story and should be posted somewhere in the dumb criminals section. Get this... over 1,000 stolen suitcases were stolen from the Sky Harbor Airport by this couple to your left. Wow, and what was even more entertaining than the complete lack of security in an area of supposed alertness was how simple and stupid the plan to steal these bags was.

Keith King, 61, and Stacy King, 38, were arrested at their home in Waddell Friday for allegedly stealing the luggage from Sky Harbor Airport, reported. They were charged with burglary and tampering with evidence.

Police say the Kings are suspected in an alleged scam involving at least 1,000 stolen suitcases and maybe even thousands of pieces of luggage.

A Sky Harbor Airport officer grew suspicious when he witnessed Keith King allegedly walking out with a bag a few weeks ago. Investigators say King visited the airport more than 60 times recently without ever boarding a plane, reported.

They apparently would ship it in a horse trailer even though they never had horses at their house. They would also have yard sales on a frequent basis to sell the bags. Hmmmm, any cop worth their bacon would be able to see somebody driving on a regular basis to the airport with a horse trailer (horses don't fly often) and then neighbors saw this suspicious selling activity outside their house. Put two and two together and you have some pretty dumb criminals. Du-oh!

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