Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The new Scrubs stinks

Perhaps you've heard of this show called "Scrubs" as it's only one roughly five channels in syndication at any given time. Anyways, for the ninth season and the "should-be-expected" exodus of most of the actors wanting to move on with their career has led to ABC bringing in a new cast. Problem is... the reviews aren't that great about the crew.

Will "Scrubs" be more or less consistent when Zach Braff (who'll be in six episodes) and Sarah Chalke (four episodes) take off for good? Who knows. This is nothing if not an experimental treatment.

Some key characters from "Scrubs" are either missing in action (that's the case with Judy Reyes' Carla) or make very brief appearances (Neil Flynn's Janitor makes a cameo but Flynn's on ABC's "The Middle" now). Bob Kelso, however, is still around, which means we'll get to enjoy Ken Jenkins' wicked way with a punchline for at least another half season (at this point, ABC has ordered 13 episodes of "Scrubs: The New School").

Part of me wants the "Scrubs" graft to take, but another part of me wonders if ABC should have simply pulled the plug. The main problem Season 9 of "Scrub" is that Lucy Bennett (Kerry Bishe), the medical student around which the new season revolves, isn't all that funny or winning, and she needs to be one of those things for "Scrubs" to truly work.

The fault really isn't Bishe's, the problem is more that her bland, tentative character just isn't that entertaining,at least in the first two episodes. Lucy certainly doesn't have the doofy, dorky charm that made Braff's J.D. and his voiceovers engaging for so long. Plus J.D. had Turk (Donald Faison) to bounce off, and the J.D.-Turk relationship is still one of the most consistently funny things about "Scrubs" (which begs the question, what happens when Braff exits and the Guy Love between Turk and J.D. no longer anchors the show? Will it be like Bell Biv DeVoe with just Biv?)

No J.D. and Turk? I am totally out. You hear me? Totally out.

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