Friday, October 9, 2009

The Moon is probably very angry right now

Remember when NASA use to do cool things like land on the moon and drive around it on rovers? Now they just like crashing spacecrafts into it. In probably the most hyped space mission in a long time, two NASA spacecrafts was smashed into the moon in order to determine if there was water present. I wonder if this is a warning shot to possible invading alien species.

NASA officials touted loads of data from the probe and telescopes around the world and in orbit. But most of the photos they showed during a Friday morning press conference were from before the crash. The crash photos and videos were few and showed little more than a fuzzy white flash.

Still, NASA scientists were happy.

"This is so cool," said Jennifer Heldmann, coordinator for NASA's observation campaign. "We're thrilled."

Ladies and gentlemen, the space program! It could take two weeks to even determine if the data collected was useful, meanwhile NASA seems just happy they could smack something into the moon.



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  2. "In the name of science, let's do something grossly expensive that get's us no where! I mean, we have nothing else to put billions of dollars into, right? We have a strong economy, a great Nobel Peace Prize winning president, and everybody is driving fuel efficient cars instead of clunkers, right?"