Thursday, October 8, 2009

They're actually making a remake of Red Dawn

After scouring cable channels in my youth, I came across an 80s movie entitled "Red Dawn" and when I read the "Info Box" (thanks DISH Network), I nearly collapsed laughing. They actually made a movie about the Russians invading the United States and our only hope were a rag-tag group of teenagers? It's like Breakfast Club meets Rambo. Yowza.

Well, guess what everyone... they're making another Red Dawn!

The Chinese-infused Red Dawn re-make's been blowing crap up filming this week in Detroit. The city's an awesome place for making a movie. Just ask Michael Bay. He's been blowing crap up filming in Detroit for years.

They're also filming it in Detroit, which seems like the last place the Chinese would invade since, you know, that city should be deserted by Christmas. Economy jokes aside, this movie has replaced the Russians with the Chinese and from what I can tell they all have Humvees.

Oh brother.

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